Everyone needs a good massage; let all those potential customers know right where they can get their next massage. Attract new regulars to your location with the 12ft massage feather flag. Raise this feather flag outside your beauty salon, massage parlor, or place it next to your kiosk. LookOurWay feather flags are perfect outdoor advertising tools because of their low cost, high impact bold colors, and portability. Move the Massage feather flag inside at the end of each business day, and easily place it back come the next morning. In-stock and ready to ship today, let this flag help and tell your potential customers where they can get their next massage!

Product features

• 1 12ft “Massage” Feather Flag in yellow with bold maroon lettering(as pictured)
• Single-Sided Design (mirror image on back of flag)
• This flag uses no wind design and allows flag to be visible without any wind
• Highest quality & longest lasting material