Universal Balloon Air Compressor Pump by LookOurWay. This premium model 120-volt compressor can inflate either indoor or outdoor LookOurWay balloons in no time. This is the preferred pump for indoor balloons as it includes and allows for the use of the needle inflator attachment required to inflate the indoor balloons. Plug this air compressor pump into a standard 120-volt AC wall socket, insert the included indoor balloon needle or standard outdoor balloon attachment, and fill your balloons up in minutes. Perfect for larger clusters, buds, towers, or other multi balloon kits. Pump up your reusable indoor or outdoor balloons in seconds, for that perfect always shiny new look with the LookOurWay Universal Balloon Air Compressor Pump.Product features

• 1 Universal Balloon Air Compressor Pump
• Indoor Balloon Valve Needle Attachment
• Standard Outdoor Balloon Valve Needle Attachment
• PSI indicator
• 1.5′ power cord
• 2′ rubber air hose