The LookOurWay Ceiling Column Indoor Balloon Kits allow you to suspend impressive arrangements from the ceiling of your showroom or sales floor in order to add color, energy, or to highlight a particular product or area on showcase. This 4 Layer indoor balloon ceiling column kit brings together 4 layers of 5 balloons each which sit atop one extra large 30″ always shiny reusable balloon. Spiral your 12″ balloons to create a ring effect, or stagger them to achieve a spiral effect. LookOurWay indoor reusable balloon kits help to draw attention to key areas of your event or retail space; the ceiling columns draw a customer or client’s attention to what is directly below the balloon kit.
Uses: showroom or sales floor decoration & product highlightsPlacement: suspend from ceiling via included magnet system attached to metal ceiling drop tile holders

Product features

• One 30″ Extra Large Balloon
• 16 Indoor 12″ Balloons (9 Rows of 5 Balloons Each)
• Four 4-port Spine Manifolds
• Three 6″ Spine Connectors
• One Spine Hanger
• One 15′ Monofilament for hanging
• One SuperStrength 24lb Magnet Clip with easy to understand instructions