LookOurWay offers an amazingly effective night time advertising solution, in the LED pillar blower.  This 18inch diameter blower powers the 18inch diameter LED pillar attahcment.  The 4 remote controlled LED light bulbs create an unbelievable light show by strobing, flashing, and fading between different colors. The 18in LED blower is a sure way to maximize exposure to your business or event.
Blower Comes With:

1 LookOurWay 18″ Inflatable LED Pillar Blower
4 LED lightbulbs
1 LED lightbulb controller

Blower Specifications:Number of Speeds:  1
Power:  110v/60hz
Watts:  150
Amps:  1 – 1.25 amps
RPM: 2800-3100 rpm
All parts needed for operation are included
Diamter of blower is 18 inch
Compatible with all velcro mount LED Pillar attachments of similar diameter
Approx Shipping Dims: 20″ x 20″ x 7″ – (10 lbs)The LEDs in this blower will turn a white attachment more than 15 colors (at night).