LookOurWay 6ft inflatable pillars are designed using heavy-duty non-rip nylon material with added tarpaulin. These 6ft tall advertising pillars draw an amazing amount of attention to your store or retail front.  The LookOurWay Inflatable pillar is perfect for an entrance to your location or spice up a special event and create buzz. This product is great for locations that do not have much area, since the product does not move you only need about 2ft diameter of space.  Light up the white or other colored pillar to turn heads after the sun goes down. The inflatable pillar simply connects to the portable blower via easy grip Velcro, with a built in air release.  All inflatable Pillars require a blower for operation.  This 6ft model pillar must use the 18″ LookOurWay LED Pillar Blower.

6ft White Pillar Attachment Comes With:                   

1 Pillar Attachment 6ft – color White (as pictured)
1 nylon pillar attachment carrying case
Blower not included (must add blower to order)     

Inflatable White Pillar Specifications: 

Pillar attachment material:  High strength polyamide nylon silk w/ added tarpaulin
Color: White
Height:  6ft Tall (inflated)
Bottom material:  Pillar bottom is constructed with 600D pvc/nylon
Inflatable pillar is NOT intended for use in rain
Diameter of inflatable pillar is 18″
Designed for 18″ diameter LookOurWay Inflatable LED Pillar Blowers
However is compatible with all 18-inch diameter velcro mount LED pillar blowers
White color to maximize the LED light effects when paired with the LookOurWay LED Pillar Blower.

The 6ft LED Pillar only fits the 18″ diameter LookOurWay LED blower (seen below):
All the below images are of the white color 6ft LED Pillar.  The different colors are caused by the LEDs in the blower being set to different color settings.  We repeat; each pillar shown below is the same white color materail (just pictured on different LED light settings).