This custom inflatable product is made to resemble the profile of a 3D real replica can. Great for beer, soda, energy drinks, vitamin supplement bottle containers, cold brew coffee, and any other “can” shaped product requires a larger-than-life inflatable replica to be produced. Inflatable Can Replicas are a great way to attract attention in situations like retail store sales promotions, outdoor events, trade shows, and festivals. Fully customizable, and digitally printed in 360°.If you have any questions about production, design, sizes, shapes or anything else, give us a call at (866)586-3888.

Product features

• 1 Custom Printed inflatable Can
• Digital printing in 360° around entire surface
• Constant or sealed air inflation options
• Distinct “Can” shape design
• Reinforced bottom surface for long life
• Includes integrated d-rings and tie-down ropes and inflation device