This small size custom printed Air Wavers brand inflatable tube man allows for your business logo or message to be digitally printed over the entire surface of this modified tube guy. The main tube section and one of the arms stay inflated and erect, while the opposite arm waves flails and flaps as if a real person were there flagging your customers down. Perfect for just outside your store, on the sidewalk, or in high foot traffic areas. This small size Air Wavers attachment is animated by the additional 12in LookOurWay blower. We can layout any design, character, or logos onto the form of this custom inflatable. Type in a description of what you’d like to see in the options above, be sure to upload any logos or other vector artwork, and don’t forget to add the blower to your order.

Product features

• 1 Custom Printed Air Wavers Inflatable Tube Man Small
• 6ft Tall Attachment, Stands at 7ft Tall When Inflated
• Digital printing in 360° around entire surface
• New and innovative one arm waving attention grabbing action
• Requires use of a 12” diameter LookOurWay brand blower