Customize your own Mini Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Man Attachment. If you already have a mini blower and would like to design your own custom attachment, or an additional custom printed attachment, then get started above today. Customization of the Mini Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Man attachment allows for full 360˚ full-coverage printing. Stick with the standard iconic Air Dancers brand face, or design your own face. The graphics on this custom attachment can be whatever you’d like. If you need help in designing your attachment, click the link above and fill out of totally free custom design request form. Our talented designers will generate a design for your approval. And if you are in need of an additional blower, simply click the Add Blower button above.
Product features

• 1 Custom Printed Mini Air Dancers inflatable tube man attachment only (as pictured)
• Dynamic moving desktop and retail display sized tube guy
• Highest quality & longest lasting material